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  • Only 10 minutes from the Honolulu Airport; you can be off the plane and on the beach in an hour.
  • Flights to Oahu generally run $100 to $200 cheaper (from both coasts) than flights to Maui or Kauai.
  • More midrange and budget options than most all other areas of Hawaii
  • Decent snorkeling (Hanauma Bay) and hiking (Diamond Head), both within 15 minutes by car
  • Best nightlife in all Hawaii (though things close down quite early compared to nightlife on the mainland)
  • No need for rental car; you can get around cheaply and easily via the bus
  • High-end shopping along the main drag -- Fendi, Tiffany, Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, etc.
  • Beach Walk -- great pedestrian walkway lined with shops and restaurants
  • Fun surfing culture; locals surf alongside tourists
  • Calmer waves and tons of available instructors make it a great spot for beginner surfers
  • Swimming, surfing, parasailng, and catamaran-riding are always just steps from the main streets
  • Lots of fresh local food dining options
  • Experiences less rain than the majority of Hawaii


  • Some may find Waikiki -- with its high-rise buildings, traffic, malls, knickknacks, chain restaurants, and fast food -- cheesy or too much like home.
  • Waikiki Beach is notoriously crowded: It's often tough to walk the beach without weaving between all the towels.
  • No fish in the water; you need to head 10 to 20 minutes away for decent snorkeling
  • Vagrancy/homelessness and prostitution is relatively prevalent (though violent crime isn't a problem)
  • If you do bring a car, parking is usually upwards of $20

What It's Like

Waikiki, Oahu's tourism center, is a bustling sub-city. Because of all of the development, the area is decades removed from the unspoiled tropical paradise that many mainlanders associate with the entire state. Nevertheless, Waikiki remains an obvious choice for those who want a Hawaiian vacation -- sun, sand, luaus, surfing, hula, mai tais -- without sacrificing the comforts of home. At any given time, 44 percent of visitors in the entire state are spending the night in Waikiki, enjoying the touristy, mile-long stretch of shops, restaurants, and high-rise hotels that runs along Oahu's southeast coast. Waikiki offers a curious blend of mainland suburban staples and local flavor. On the sidewalks, Japanese tourists intermingle with tanned locals, surfboards under their arms, on their way to the beach to catch a few waves after work. On both sides of the street, high-end retailers -- Tiffany, Cartier, even an Apple store -- are interspersed with indoor malls and streetside vendors hawking cheap seashell jewelry and T-shirts. Seemingly every midmarket chain restaurant can be found here -- Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, Tony Roma's -- along with more than a handful of Starbucks and fast-food joints.

Where To Stay

With its plethora of budget and midrange options, Waikiki is an excellent choice for those who want a Hawaiian vacation without breaking the bank. On that prudent end of the spectrum, we highly recommend Hotel Renew, the Aston Waikiki Beach, the Park Shore, and -- a steal that's often less than $100 a night -- the newly renovated Aqua Waikiki Pearl. And for those with a little more leeway, price-wise, we like the Marriott Waikiki, Sheraton Waikiki, and the Hilton Hawaiian Village. And for those with a lot more leeway, price-wise, there are really only three luxury hotels in Waikiki: the Moana Surfrider, the Royal Hawaiian, and the Halekulani, all of which offer their own advantages and disadvantages.

Waikiki Guias de Hotel

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