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Paróquia de Paget, Bermuda Guia de Viagem

Paget Parish Resumo


  • Elbow Beach is one of the most popular and safest beaches for swimming
  • Central location and short commute to most places in Bermuda
  • Short ferry ride or drive to the City of Hamilton
  • Gorgeous views of the Hamilton Harbour from the north shore
  • Excellent accommodations, from small cottages to upscale beach resorts
  • Pretty flat -- great for biking
  • Numerous solid dining options
  • Paget Marsh, a nature reserve complete with a mangrove forest and a boardwalk, and the Botanical Gardens
  • Waterville, one of Bermuda’s oldest houses, built in the early 18th century


  • Fewer secluded spots than in other parishes
  • Crowded beaches, especially in the peak season and spring break

What It's Like

Paget Parish, with its beautiful pink-sand Elbow Beach and its numerous attractions, is one of Bermuda’s main draws. It is centrally located, a short ferry or cab ride to the City of Hamilton, and it offers several transportation options that will take you anywhere on the archipelago.

While the north shore has an upscale feel to it, with historic homes, quiet spots and stunning views of Hamilton Harbour, the south is all about the resorts and crowded (but beautiful) beaches. Inland, tourist sights like the Botanical Gardens and the Paget Marsh, two of the top attractions in Bermuda, attract families year-round. Bikers and hikers have some of the best trails in this area, for the relatively flat terrain found in Paget is a rare thing in craggy Bermuda.

Paget is a great place to stay if you’re planning to explore the archipelago, or if all you need is a stretch of pink sand by the sea. It's less ideal for those in search of a secluded spot with empty beaches.

Where to Stay

The north and the south shore of Paget Parish could not be more different. The northern coast has smaller hotels tucked in quiet manicured grounds, and offers better value options close to ferry stations; the south is where the resorts (and the crowds) are -- but it’s also home to the beaches, the restaurants and the bars.

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