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Cidade de Hamilton, Bermuda Guia de Viagem

City of Hamilton Resumo


  • Gorgeous, colorful architecture
  • Tons of dining options (but remember Bermuda is expensive)
  • Upscale shopping, including designer stores and high-end jewelry such as Cartier
  • Easy to explore on foot or moped
  • Imposing Fort Hamilton has beautiful panoramic views
  • The Cathedral is a wonderful sample of neo-Gothic architecture
  • Well connected to the rest of the island by bus and ferry
  • Wonderful views of the rest of the islands from the harbor
  • 10-minute drive to the southern beaches (the best in Bermuda)
  • Easy access to all major roads


  • Few sights
  • No beaches within walking distance of the downtown area
  • 25-minute drive to the airport
  • The city shuts down on Sundays

What It's Like

Small, quaint, quiet and colorful, the capital of Bermuda encompasses everything this chain of islands is -- British deep in its heart, somewhat Caribbean (though it is not quite that and it is farther north than one might think), American in its ways, and, well, upscale and beautiful.

Some people might choose to skip Hamilton because there are few sights and the beaches are not within walking distance of the hotels in the area, but the capital city is a tiny gem worth exploring. Front Street, with its pubs, boutiques and restaurants, is the liveliest and most popular place in Hamilton -- and the views you’ll have from the second-floor terraces are hard to beat.

The downtown area, where most of the things worth seeing are (except Fort Hamilton, which is perched on a bluff and enjoys wonderful vistas), is compact and easily explored on foot. Just make sure you don’t visit the city on a Sunday, for you’ll find empty streets, and most businesses and sights closed.

Where to Stay

Most hotels are scattered around the city and the outskirts (which basically means they’re two or three blocks from the city center), but for easy access to restaurants, bars, pubs and shopping you might want to consider booking a room in one of the small properties between King Street and Woodlands Road. The closer to Front Street, the shorter the distance to the downtown action. For gorgeous panoramic views, pick a hotel closer to Fort Hamilton.