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  • Beautiful landscape with lush rainforests
  • Fantastic spot for bird-watching
  • Home to Mayan ruins (although they can't compare to Caracol in the Cayo District)
  • River tours have frequent crocodile and spider monkey spottings
  • Weather is generally sunny and comfortable
  • Most areas are private and secluded (a con for some!)


  • No nearby beaches
  • Nearly void of nightlife and restaurants

What It's Like

Orange Walk is the northwest region of Belize and the country's agricultural district. Formerly a logging area, Orange Walk is now a major producer of sugar cane and fruit exports, such as pineapple and bananas. Though the majority of Orange Walk's inhabitants are of Mayan descent, there are several communities of Mennonite farmers.

Most visitors to Orange Walk come for the secluded rainforests, many of which are protected nature reserves. Tour guides lead groups on hikes where they can spot some of the 400 species of birds in the region as well as other wildlife. And guides also take visitors down rivers where crocodiles and spider monkeys can be found.

Some of the Mayan ruins in the area are centered around Orange Walk Town. The town has a Spanish vibe but not much else aside from a couple of restaurants and a cultural museum. But the Mayan ruins are definitely worth a visit.

Where To Stay

Most of the lodging options in Orange Walk are secluded eco-lodges (although Orange Walk Town has a couple of low-end hotels). These lodges can be difficult to reach (especially during the wet season -- most visitors choose to fly in as close as possible to the lodges so as not to have to deal with the roads) but their secluded location is just what attracts many guests.

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